2023 North American Color Trends

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Although we have fought through numerous obstacles from 2020-2022, customers have changed. Design, color, and materials are driving consumer products and services in 2023. Let’s review the color trends for this year.

Firstly, climate change continues to drive as a color influencer. The desire for clean air and woodlands and the realization of a large amount of consumer consumption waste, climate change helps strengthen nature-inspired colors.

Next, as we navigate through hyper-virtual and elite artificial lifestyles (or a combination of both), technological advances are influencing product design and color consumption on a large scale. Design is becoming the next industrial revolution. This is where we are seeing the rise in rich fluorescent shades. Technology and digitalization will pave the way for the “Tech Decade”.

Lastly, the final driver embraces change and roaring optimism. As we accept who are, we acknowledge our flaws and shortcomings. Without change, there is no progress. We are making changes because we, as humans, are feeling renewed and redefined optimism for the future.

North American Color Direction

Colors in 2023 become bolder and in some cases, less chromatic. Metallics may be waning and deeper, richer fluorescents are on the rise. Fluorescents are primarily in the red through blue spectrums.

Yellows, Oranges, and Reds: Yellows are showing both red shade and green shade. Oranges are showing more red shade. Reds are leaning more towards yellow shade but blue shade will be present.

Purples: Shifting redder and chromatic.

Blues: Although green shade is present, blues are leaning more toward mid-tone blue to a red shade.

Greens: Deeper mid-tone greens will appear to be a more yellow shade to a lighter grayed blue shade of green.

Neutrals: A bold, deep black and a red shade bone-white color are forecasted.

2023 Forecast Swatches

These colors may look different from the computer to the actual swatch. Also, you can shift these colors in shade and/or hue to coincide with your product story. We added Europe, Latin American, and Asia color swatches for your consideration as well. Our Research & Development team is here to assist you in deciding your next color(s) for your 2023 projects. Contact us here today to get started!

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