How To Be A Successful Small Business

Randy, owner of Jafe
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Running a small business is not an easy task. Our JAFE Decorating president, Randy O’Dell has a few words of encouragement and advice.

“High-quality products and constant innovation is a direct reflection of our team’s dedication and commitment to our customers’ products.”

Randy O’Dell, JAFE Decorating President

This September, Randy O’Dell and his wife, Lisa, are celebrating 10 years since their purchase of JAFE Decorating. They will also recognize that JAFE has tripled its original amount of employees and facilities since 2006.

How does JAFE exceed their goals while upholding their promise to its community? The company’s mission is to not only improve daily tasks on the floor, but also better the lives of all those who are associated with the JAFE family. Randy invites others to “Come Grow with Us” through his tips of small business success. Be innovative, see quality as #1, and build long-term relationships.

Welcoming Innovation in Small Businesses

“Small businesses constantly drive innovation and react to change within target markets to maintain goals.”

Always look ahead to where your business is headed within its markets. Will the current markets, location, or product still be selling in five to ten years? Have a plan and research where your market is headed. Be flexible to your customers’ needs and don’t be afraid of change.

Quality Speaks For Your Brand

“Buy/Produce quality because if not, you’ll eventually pay for it.”

Quantity is important, but quality products always come first. This was ingrained into Randy’s brain when he first started working at his father’s small hardware and appliance business. His father told him to not rush his learning process. Focus on developing high-quality products. Quality doesn’t only reflect the product’s worth but also determines how a brand cares for its customers.

Valuing Relationships

“What drives our business is the people who work within the company, our customers, and our vendors. Recognize and celebrate them.”

Relationships within your company’s industry are one of the most valuable assets to owning your own business. Randy mentions Lloyd, the previous owner, and president of JAFE. He recalls, “Lloyd was like a second father to me. He always influenced me to value our relationships with employees, customers, vendors, and our community as if they are our blood.” As JAFE’s President, Randy strives to know every employee and to build personal relationships with them. He fuses this empathic message within JAFE’s brand and follows through by treating our customers and vendors as family. Letting your customers, vendors, and employees know their value can elevate your business ahead of the competition.